We provide the following services:

  • Line marking on all roads including special markings of arrows, islands, stop signs etc.
  • Repainting of existing markings
  • Application of SABS approved solvent or water base road marking lines
  • Supply and installation of all types of road studs
  • Thermoplastic line painting
  • Removal of existing lines and markings (sandblasting/water jetting)

Our vehicles are equipped with a three gun system enabling a three line spray in one pass.
Glass beads, when required, are pressure injected into the painted lines.
We are constantly keeping abreast of international trends to consistently better the quality of our service.

Thala Roadmarking will adhere to:

  • All health and safety requirements of the OHS act No 181 0f 1993
  • All rules and regulations in compliance with your company and authorities, including environment
  • Targets and completion dates of projects receive our highest priority.